SayReal is a collective of musical revolutionaries and soul-searchers. When these musicians came together for an impromptu show at Hotel Cafe, the fusion of talents felt akin to music’s Big Bang, melding with a chemistry that left the audience convinced they had been playing together for years.  Impressed legendary musician/producer, Randy Jackson, sat inconspicuously near the stage, soaking up the group’s positive vibrations.  Following the performance, Jackson approached the group and congratulated them, anointing them a “super group,” and encouraged them to continue what they had started.
They are a musical force that radiates like a wildfire from the stage, connecting to their audience with a kind of honest intimacy that cannot be contrived. The four musicians embody a strong musical lineage but champion a mission based upon their own experiences. Their songs shimmer, igniting a vibration of Reggae, Rock and meaningful lyric that seem to almost narrate the lives of those listening, leaving audience members feeling alive.

SayReal strives to create a soundscape that soothes, excites and inspires humankind to love and live truthfully and with its entirety.

Be Real. SayReal.