SayReal is not just a band...we are a MOVEMENT.

“Making music for the revolutionary soul, a SayReal song is a visionary’s anthem.” 


SayReal is an urban reggae band spearheading a social evolution of mainstream pop culture. Their innovative music, entirely self-written, recorded and produced, is as easy to get lost in as it is to provide genuine meaning from. Lead singer, Naia Kete (NBC’s The Voice), hailed by Rolling Stone as “an earthy soulstress” delivers captivating vocals and dynamic bass lines. Multi-instrumentalist Lee John (Naia’s boyfriend), ignites the band’s sound with electrifying guitar riffs and rock steady rhythms on drums. Imani Elijah, the third and final member of SayReal who happens to be Naia’s brother, also plays drums and is arguably one of the best key bass players out there. With poignant lyrics and striking hooks that give each song mass appeal, this thought-provoking family group of artists, educators and trendsetters is more than a band, SayReal is a movement and all who hear the call are welcome. 

From humble beginnings building a following busking on the streets of Santa Monica, CA, to opening for Ziggy Marley and touring internationally with A Bowie Celebration, US Weekly refers to SayReal as “LA’s Hottest New Band!” A fitting title as the group has grown a loyal fanbase of more than 145,000 followers between Facebook and Instagram with their collective video views capping off around 4 million. Nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for Song for Social Impact and collaborating with Absolut on a #LoveisLove campaign for marriage equality, SayReal is committed to using their spotlight as a vehicle for positive change.


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