We recently released our music video for “Frederick’s Song (Freedom)”

for “Frederick’s Song (Freedom)” based on the life and teachings of abolitionist and civil rights pioneer Frederick Douglass and couldn’t have been more excited. It is all about tolerance and fighting for the cultural, political, financial and social freedoms for everyone, but ironically, we became the victims of the very persecution we were fighting against. Questioning our heritage, we were called everything from “not black enough” to “whitewashed” – were likened to “Rachel Dolezal” and being “Uncle Tom’s” – despite the fact that 2 of us are half black, and all of us are bi-racial. Even more ironic is the fact that FD himself is thought to have been the son of a white slave owner and a black slave, and in fact, his second marriage later in life was to a white woman.

But the outpouring of love and support for us, our work, and the disdain for these ignorant comments was truly overwhelming. In all truthfulness, the controversy helped us educate and spread our message even further; it is about uniting, not dividing – give each other the freedom to be who we are. We were actually able to change the opinions of some people who were once preaching hateful comments and find common ground. We would love for you to watch, listen and share our song, delve deeper with The Idea’s essay below and let us know what you think. Because as Frederick said, “I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong”.

Peace, love, unity and respect.



We are so proud to announce that “Frederick’s Song Freedom” was selected as a semi-finalist, out of THOUSANDS of submissions, for Unsigned Only’s 2016 national songwriting competition!